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News and Blurbs on David Lynch and EraserHead at the Pencil Machine Blog
Pencil Machine Blog
News and Blurbs on David Lynch and EraserHead

Dark Night Of The Soul - David Lynch

07.01.10 : " Dark Night Of The Soul " is an album by audio auteur Danger Mouse and the already much-missed Sparklehorse. The record sees the pair joined by the following remarkable roll call of guests: The Flaming Lips, Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals), Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), Black Francis (The Pixies), Iggy Pop, David Lynch, James Mercer (The Shins/Broken Bells), Nina Persson (The Cardigans), Suzanne Vega and Vic Chesnutt. Rumors of this mysterious collaborative project began to circulate in early 2009 sparking widespread anticipation and excitement. Now, following months of talks, Danger Mouse and EMI are excited and proud to announce the release of Dark Night Of The Soul.

Featured on two songs, David Lynch has also created a series of original photographs for Dark Night Of The Souladding a spectacular visual dimension that will be incorporated in to the artwork for this already unparalleled project.

01.13.10 : In 1970, David Lynch suffered artistic and emotional frustration with the American Film Institute's rejection of his screenplay for the 45 minute film GARDENBACK : this early script evolved from a painting by Lynch of a stooped figure with green things growing out of its back : it's a story of adultery. Dejection forced Lynch to quit the AFI for a while. On his return he had an idea for another screenplay in an image that came to him : A man's head bouncing on the ground, being picked up by a boy and taken to a pencil factory. Lynch doesn't know how or where the idea came from.

The Film Institute approved the 22 page screenplay for a 21 minute film : Well, the rest is movie history...

11.20.09 : I received a number of emails asking if I had any information on what happened to the ERASERHEAD deleted / destroyed / lost scenes as I described in the 10.24.09 entry : " And that's another story... ".  Well, here's the story :

Lynch has said that he couldn't store his ERASERHEAD B negatives, so he just threw them away; for some unknown and regrettable reason. He still gets sick just thinking about what he did. Luckily, he kept a work print of ERASERHEAD. But, after his breakup from his second wife, Mary Fisk, Mary threw half of the work print in the trash over her anger with David. Still, even though the material had been lost for thirteen years, Lynch felt optimistic in 1999 by stating he knows where the deleted scenes were dumped : the truck, the driver, and the dump they were taken. So much so, that he hired a garbologist and psychic to find them... As of today, no way.

I guess Lynch and the rest of us are just out of luck by now...

Fox Bat Strategy - David Lynch

11.09.09 : " Fox Bat Strategy " features a group of musicians who began collaborating with Lynch during the filming of TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME. These musicians appeared in the two roadhouse scenes : " The Pink Room " and " Blue Frank ". In 1994 they re-entered the studio for an experimental collaboration with Lynch. What emerged were 7 tracks. For nearly fifteen years these songs have remained unreleased and unheard. This release is a tribute to the album's late singer and guitarist Dave Jaurequi, who passed away suddenly in 2006.

This CD has some down & dirty, guitar-based, 50's style music. Not the kind of music you would have heard on the AM dial. But more of a Lynch-ian style, 50's underground music : Lyrics by David Lynch & Produced by David Lynch.

If you enjoyed that sultry / blusey, roadhouse music from FWWM, like I did, then you can now bring that sound home to your own " roadhouse ".

Very Cool, Baby!

10.30.09 : Theatrical trailer from the early 1980's featuring David Lynch thanking patrons of the NuArt Theatre ( in a Lynch-ian kinda' way ) for making the film ERASERHEAD a success...

10.26.09 : A couple goofs ( sort of ) in ERASERHEAD :

Continuity Error : Henry steps in a puddle of muddy water on his way home, at he beginning of the movie : When he arrives back into his apartment and sits on his bed, in front of the radiator, he removes his sock and shoe from his left foot. He actually stepped into the mush with his right foot.

Revealing Mistake On Stage : Camera shadow is visible as it tracks into the light, towards the end of the film, with Henry and The Lady In The Radiator : You really have to look for it though.

Are they really goofs ? But then who knows. Maybe this is exactly how Lynch wanted them...

( Others reference a couple of other errors. But, they are so minor and hard to catch that they aren't worth noting here. )

10.24.09 : There's some scenes missing from the ERASERHEAD movie ? The original cut of ERASERHEAD was 110 minutes long.  On the DVD it's now 89 minutes.

It was screened only twice: first at the American Film Institute in L.A., and then at Filmex : an annual Los Angeles film festival held in the seventies and early eighties. The audience reaction was subdued, to say the least.

Fred Elmes (Cinematographer for ERASERHEAD : his style helped to create the film's atmospheric and eerie look) stated : " The theater was so quiet after the screening. It was a little bit spooky. No one knew quiet what to say. No one had seen it except for a couple of people, and nobody saw the whole movie together. And it was sort of different than anyone had imagined it to be. It was a real shock. It does take your breath away, and itís hard to know how to respond to it, which I think depressed David, because he was expecting some response. "

Lynch : " The pacing is slow in ERASERHEAD, and thatís great. I love the feel of it, but I think some scenes were dragging it down to where the pacing was painful. It was pushing you out of the film. I stayed out of the room at Filmex, but I could feel that it was too long. Fred was in there, and he said that people werenít reacting. It was just too long. "

Lynch knew that the film was too long and that scenes would have to be cut, regrettably...


1. A scene in which the Xís bring Mary home from the hospital with the baby.

2. A phone call that Henry receives.

3. A spastic fit / attack / seizure that Mary has in Henryís apartment.

4. A scene where a group of kids kill a cat with a piece of wire. Henry walks by, tripping over the wire. ( A shortened version / scene of the dead cat with Henry, preserved by a coat of tar, can be found in the Introduction / Menu on the DVD )

5. A scene where Henry is looking for the humidifier for the baby. He opens a drawer full of vanilla pudding with peas on top.

6. A scene in which Henry hears noises coming from down the hall in his apartment. He investigates and looks into a room. Two women are tied up on a bed and a man with a cigar approaches them, holding a black box. The women spot Henry and he runs back to his room.

7. A scene where Henry hears a sort of calling and he looks out the window. A kid down in the alley is digging in the dirt and finds a row of dimes. Wind blow furiously around him. Henry runs out of the room, but the baby starts to cry. He ignores it and makes it to the elevator. He pushes the button, but the elevator wonít come. So he runs downstairs and into the lobby. We see the elevator has been propped open with a mop. The landlady is cleaning it out.

8. Since the door to Henry's apartment is open, we can hear the baby crying. It echoes down the hallway and all through the elevator shaft. So Henry gets frustrated and kicks the couch in the lobby. The landlady shouts, " You stop kicking my bench! That's good wood! " and starts into a landlady to tenant lecture. The scolded Henry returns to his room and looks out the window again. The dust is really blowing now and there are more people digging in the alley. By the time night falls, they're fighting over the dimes. ( Some of the night scenes can still be found in the final cut )

9. The scene in which the Xís pick Mary up at the hospital and a disgusted nurse (Catherine Coulson) hands them the baby. Not only was it deleted, it was never filmed.

Since these cuts were made in the final composite print, there are actors listed in the credits who didnít appear in the final cut or the DVD.

Where are these deleted scenes now ? Lynch tried to find the deleted material when he made the DVD, but almost all of the original footage has been destroyed or lost. And that's another story...

But you can access a surviving ERASERHEAD deleted scene : If you select ERASERHEAD on the DVD menu, then hit the " Next " button 3 or 4 times on your remote ( after the movie begins ), you'll see an Easter Egg of Henry pointing to a message along the left side of the screen that reads : Booth 6 - X2416. ( This doesn't seem to work on every DVD player for some reason )  If you're a member of DavidLynch.com, you can enter the website, select Phone from the Switchboard menu (members only), go to booth #6 and dial the number X2416 ( " 2416 " being Mary's street address ) and you'll see the entire scene Catherine Coulson refers to in her conversation with Lynch in the Stories section of Extras. It's an electrifying scene of a man preparing to zap a scantily clad Catherine and another woman with two large cables attached to a car battery.

Come on, David ! You could of included that scene in the DVD for everyone to see...

10.20.09 : The DVD for Mulholland Dr. should contain a paper insert, from David Lynch, with 10 clues that will help you understand the film. But, if you're like me, for some reason my new copy did not have it. No problem... You can still unlock the clues from within the DVD : It has an Easter Egg for you.

1. Go to the special features section of the DVD.
2. Hilight the very first option.
3. Then push left on your remote control.
4. This will hilight a blue key, then press the enter button.

This will display David Lynch's 10 tips to understanding the film... You'll need all the help that you can get.

10.13.2009 : There's a new DVD by David lynch listed at Amazon : TV Twin Pack : It has no description nor any release date. But you can sign-up to be notified by email when it is available.

My guess is that it is Lynch's :

"Hotel Room" : which was a three episode 1993 HBO television series produced by David Lynch (who directed two of them). Each drama takes place in the same New York City hotel room - number 603 of the Railroad Hotel - at different time periods.

"On the Air" : was a 1992 ABC sitcom created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. In the United States, only three episodes were aired, although seven were filmed. The program followed the antics of the staff of a fictional 1950s television network - Zoblotnick Broadcasting Company or ZBC - as they tried to put on a live variety program called "The Lester Guy Show" with disastrous results.

That's my opinion at this time. Hopefully we'll find out soon...

" It's Okay "

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